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Josh & Jed


Over twenty years ago, our father started his own local lawn service. We've spent more than fifteen years working closely with our father. He taught us how to treat our clients with respect and how to provide them with an excellent experience. So after years of training and planning, we decided to start our own lawn service in 2015, and the business has been growing steadily ever since! 

Josh Jed Clancy Lawn Company Frederick MD



Clancy Lawn Company
We're a

Local Family Business

Clancy Lawn Company is a second-generation,

family-owned team of landscape specialists. We are committed to bringing our clients top-quality results, superior service, and unwavering professionalism. We firmly believe that your home should look its best during any season, and we are dedicated to make sure your house looks like a home.

When you hire Clancy Lawn Company, you aren't just hiring a lawn service, you are hiring a family team of local professionals.

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